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At VOCA Academy, we aim to help you achieve your voice goals, whether it is working towards a performance career, training for the DSA or O/A Level Music examinations, or simply pursuing your passion for singing. We will equip you with the essential vocal techniques to take your singing to the next level.

JOIN OUR VOCAL COURSESPRIVATE SINGING LESSONS (1-1 or PAIR) or GROUP SINGING CLASSES, designed for all ages and abilities from children to adults. Each session is curated specifically to your goals and needs, covering the following content outlined below. 

Our highly qualified instructors will guide you through an exciting musical journey exploring all aspects of the vocal aspect across multiple music genres such as pop, classical and musical theatre.

Course Content

  • Wide repertoire of different song genres from classical, pop, musical theatre and jazz
  • Fundamentals of tone production
  • Blending Chest, Mix and Head Voice
  • Expanding vocal range and dynamics
  • Posture and breath control
  • Ear training and sight reading
  • Phrasing and expression
  • Exercises for vowel unification
  • Song interpretation
  • Diction for different languages

Please check out our rates HERE and book below.

*For customised plans or workshop enquiries, please contact us at hello@vocaacademy.co or Whatsapp us at 89064434.

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